Which Delivery Food Service Pays the Most? Here are the Top 7

With food delivery services fighting to win your attention, how can you know which one to trust? We did the math to see who made the best hourly rate.

There are a lot of delivery services out there, but here are the companies that pay the most.

Which Delivery Food Service Pays the Most?

Which food delivery services are trying to win your business, how can you make sure you're getting the best deal?

To find out, we calculated the average hourly rate for deliveries made to each of the top twenty-five restaurant delivery services.

Of the top ten most popular restaurant delivery services, the average hourly rate came in at $9.88 per delivery.

But that average includes orders made through UberEATS, a mobile app that delivers orders from partner restaurants to you.

In addition to UberEATS, this ranking includes Postmates, Caviar, Door Dash, Grub hub, and Yelp's Eat24, which deliver from local restaurants. Note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly included Delivery.

Which food delivery pays the most
Which food delivery service is best

Door Dash

Number One Door Dash is one of the newest players in the business, launched in 2010. Since its start, it's available in more than sixty cities around the United States.

  • At $1.65 per order, customers are still enjoying some of the company's free trial offer that offers all users access to unlimited orders and a free order of chicken wings and drinks for just $1.
  • To sweeten the deal, there's a $100 gift card on offer. Now, that's the deal.
  • The $1.65 is listed as the base delivery fee for all orders over $30.
  • However, there are a few caveats. First, there's a $5 delivery fee for any orders under $30. So, for an order that would cost $30 or less, customers must pay $1.65 plus a $5 delivery fee, a total of $3.65.
  • In other words, to achieve the $1.


Postmates, one of our top choices, brings together online and offline retailers with a fleet of drivers.

While deliveries are made in less than an hour, they have a flexible scheduling system, and some locations in major metropolitan areas have drivers that stick around for up to eight hours.

Grub Hub

If you're someone who doesn't have time to cook, try Grub hub.

  • They offer delivery services in 29 U.S.
  • cities, making sure that you can get your favorite food on time.
  • They also offer live chat support, which makes scheduling a delivery a breeze.
  • Plus, the service is also big on the health factor, offering food that has fewer than six hundred calories, and less than 10 grams of fat and/or sugar.


Munchery is the priciest on our list both in-house and third party, but it also has the highest service rating among reviewers.

  • Munchery's plan, which runs $150 for four meals a week or $105 for three, offers three distinct levels of delivery range.
  • At the top is the $35 model, which offers unlimited delivery for all orders, meaning the company can offer delivery to far more customers.
  • But that model doesn't work too well for the lowest tier, which requires you to pay for three meals per week at $55.

If the range of plans were the only thing Munchery had going for it, it would easily be one of the top-ranked services.


  • The low end of UberEATS' hourly rate starts at $15 and tops out at $25.
  • If you order every day, you'll be paying about $2.13 an hour.
  • If you order three times a week, UberEATS will take about $150 off your bill each month, or $6.68 per hour.

Hop Doddy

Hop Doddy is known for its burger dinners, which come with a three-piece dinner and choice of side.

You'll be paying $20 an hour, but that rate will come down if you order often.

Amazon's Prime Now

This "free two-hour delivery" service offers members $10 minimum orders per month. Members can also choose to have delivery come within one to two hours for an additional $4.99.

but how many orders do they get per hour? According to Olo, an online food order service, Amazon has made $278,500 in delivery fees on its Prime Now deliveries over the last 12 months, making it the top-performing e-commerce delivery service in the country.


McDonald's earns money through a combination of corporate-owned, in-store pickups and loyalty programs. According to Olo, the average order from Mcdonald's comes in at $4.69.

On the other hand, a random check of McDelivery Direct's inventory revealed one of the more expensive orders they make at $29.99.

GrubHub, Doordash

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, food delivery workers can expect to earn $11.99 for standard delivery.

But wait, there's more! A business trip with a $20 fee and a $4 tip for each trip could add up to $20 an hour or more.

  • These higher hourly rates depend on the hours of service and type of delivery.
  • According to Restaurant Business, Grub Hub is the go-to food delivery service, and an impressive 1 in 2 Americans will order from the service.
  • When it comes to the greatest number of orders per week, Domino's Pizza and Papa John's only beat it.

UberEATS, Amazon Prime Now

The fact that UberEATS is among the most popular food delivery services is unsurprising; it's got excellent features, and its app is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices. The hourly rate, though, is a mystery.

When we looked at rates for prime-delivered food and bagged groceries, UberEATS was reported to pay $11 to $12 per hour.

But when we looked at restaurants (that's food trucks and restaurants that also deliver), it was less than $3.50 per hour, with a 9 percent commission from the restaurant.

Here's what that looks like compared with the listed average number of miles driven for a full-time employee (calculated as the number of miles per hour an employee drives).

Delivery Food Service Median Hourly Rate (per delivery) Median Mileage (per hour) UberEATS $11-$12 $13.

Additional information about: Which Delivery Food Service Pays the Most

According to the latest data from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's (CFPB) annual study on member complaints, Grub Hub is the largest food delivery company in the US.

The CFPB received more than 6,000 complaints about Grub Hub in 2017 alone. Of course, the company also has the most complaints because it processes so many orders, which makes it an easy target for consumers looking for help.

One-third of all food delivery companies have less than one hundred members. Grub Hub has more than 80 million members combined across its platforms, which makes it big in terms of scale.

And while it's no surprise that UberEATS pays more than its competitors, other notable companies that pay more include Door Dash and Postmates.

Over the past several years, delivery has become a more fashionable way for people to get their food, as competition between companies grows, so does the value of delivery drivers.

To attract attention, many companies are offering lucrative incentives, including cash bonuses and new cars every year. Beyond that, some are offering rewards like on-the-spot bonuses after a driver completes their first purchase.

Several factors go into determining which delivery service pays the most in the end, The first is the cost of delivery.

You can determine this by looking at their costs for various things, like fuel, gas, and tolls.

For example, Postmates only charges $1.50 for each mile you drive (instead of the standard $0.25) when you use their app to order items from local restaurants, which means you may save quite a bit on delivery costs if you use them often.

However, if you're ordering food that doesn't require extra mileage, Postmates will charge you the full retail price for every item ordered without dropping the delivery fee at all.

When you're looking to hire a food delivery service, you want to make sure that they are offering you the most for your money.

Cost of product. So, if you don't want to pay more than you must, you should make sure that your delivery food service is affordable.

  • There's no reason you should pay more than you need to.
  • There are lots of options when it comes to delivering food services, and the last thing you want is to be paying more than you must.
  • There's no reason you should pay more than you need to.
  • Quality of product. It is especially important that the food that the delivery food service provides is excellent quality and tastes great.
  • You want something that will provide value for your money and your customers will appreciate it as well.
  • It is especially important that the food that the delivery food service provides is excellent quality and tastes great.
  • The customer service that the delivery food service provides is also particularly important; this includes their responsiveness, which can help them be more competitive against other food services out there.
  • They need to know how to deal with customers who may have questions or special needs regarding their order or delivery, which can be done through their website or phone number.
  • If they do not respond quickly, you may instead choose another option, rather than ordering through them again.
  • There are many different delivery food services, but the one that wins out repeatedly is Door Dash.
  • The service offers several diverse ways to get food via your smartphone, including ordering online, through their app, or through the Door Dash website.

You'll be using Door Dash's app to place orders, so you must know how it works. Here are some things you need to know before placing an order:

  • The minimum fare is $6.99 for all orders placed within the United States.
  • If you're ordering from Door Dash's website.
  • The minimum fare is $4.99 for orders shipped by ground or $2.99 for orders shipped by air (orders shipped by ground include any delivery fee).
  • Neither does the minimum fare include taxes and fees (tolls, surcharges, and delivery fees).
  • The minimum fare does not include tips or gratuities.
  • You'll receive an order confirmation number once Door Dash has processed your order; this number will be used as your unique link to track your delivery process online.

Once you've placed an order at Door Dash via the app, you should receive a text message with a unique tracking code; this code is also used as your 24/7 callback number if you don't receive your order by 8 p.m. when the service shuts down for local operations.

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